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My top tip and top picks for starting Uni!

Hi guys


I just wanted to write a little blog post for anyone starting College or University in the next couple of weeks, or if you've already completed a year or two and are heading back to finish off! 

So if you're a fresher this year, you'll be super excited about possibly moving out of home as well as meeting loads of new people and making new friends for life! I studied for my degree at Loughry College which was quite close to home for me so I travelled during my 4 years there. But after graduating, I moved to Glasgow to study a masters in Human Nutrition at The University of Glasgow, so it was a totally new experience for me and I loved it! So my top tip would be, work hard and play hard; enjoy all the experiences uni life has to offer, but remember to work hard because at the end of the day that is why you're there! 


Here's my top picks of what you will need to get organised and get through your first year of uni! 


Our academic planners are an absolute must have for anyone starting uni this year. They run from August 2019-December 2020 so means you won't have to think about getting a new one too soon after your purchase! There is a planner to suit every budget, and whether you're after something quirky or floral, there's something for everyone! Click here to check out our amazing planners. 2020 academic medium lilac glitter planner


Our Kate Spade New York Pens are definitely our favourite! And you will be the height of fashion in your class with these in your pencil case - a staple that everyone needs! Or, if you're a mum, dad or big sister looking for the perfect gift for someone starting uni, then this is the ticket! Click here to shop our Kate Spade New York Pen Set. 

Kate Spade New York Pen Set

Pencil cases

Pencil case or makeup decide!! Our pencil cases are too cute not to share with you, so click here to check them out! Pop in your pencils, pens, or even a lippy to keep you topped up in between classes. I am very busy pencil case


Believe me when I say, you will need notebooks upon notebooks this semester. For everything from taking notes in class to making shopping lists for food and essentials at the shop later, notebooks will be your saving grace at Uni. Click here to shop our super cute notebooks which I promise you will love! 

Katie Leamon Notebook

Mugs & Thermal Mugs

For the cuppa to warm you up in those cold student houses, or a thermal mug to carry your coffee to class to keep you awake after all that partying the night before! We've got you covered. Click here to check out our range of mugs and thermal mugs! 

It's not a sin to prefer a gin mug

Whatever or where every you're studying this year, I hope you have the best time and enjoy every opportunity that comes your way!

Love, Louise x

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