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5 Stationery Items I Can't Live Without

Hey guys. It's been a while since I've written a blog post, and since my love of stationery is what brought me to Papier Beau, I thought I'd share my 5 stationery items I can't live without!


1. My Planner

I would be completely lost without my planner - it keeps me on track, reminds me of my appointments, and is super pretty into the bargain! I love how quirky the planners are, they're kinda cheesy but in a positive way that will 100% make you smile! The new 2018-2019 planners have just launched and you can shop them here. I promise you will LOVE them. 

2. Pens

Whether I'm at home working on my side hustle, on a work trip, or chilling out watching TV, I need a pen near me as ideas are forever popping into my head and it's important to get them jotted down ASAP. You can check out our range of pens and pencils here, my favourite are the Kate Spade New York pens and their fab words of wisdom! 

3. A pretty pencil case

To keep all those super pretty pens all in one place, as well as your mascara and lipstick, I LOVE this I Am Very Busy pencil case. It's a cute colour, has the fab slogan "I Am Very Busy" (just incase you didn't know already), and has a gold effect zip and lining....what's not to love?! You can check it out here

4. A Notebook

As mentioned before, the same applies for a notebook as it does for pen. I always need one beside me wherever I am, and I always have a few on the go at different times for different things. And with planning a wedding at the minute, they ALWAYS come in handy...and may be filled with notes on extremely unnecessary wedding accessories!! My favourite notebook in our range at the minute has to be the Kate Spade New York Bright Ideas notebook. 

5. Desk Organiser

I'd be completely lost without my desk organiser. It honestly keeps all my paperwork together in one place on my desk and I'm able to organise them by their importance so I can action them as required! And this one has gold foil so it looks super cute on your desk too!

Let me know if there are any more stationery item's you would like me to focus on and I can show them on my insta or do an extended blog post.

Have a great week!

Louise x

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