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2020 Planners

Yes, it's that time of year again when we start a brand new planner **EXCITED**! So here's everything you need to know about our new 2020 17-month planners!

1. 2 brands

As with every other year, we stock 2 brands of planners - and Rifle Paper Co. Both brands have very different looks, but we love them both equally.

2. 5 designs in total

We have 3 designs from and 2 designs from Rifle Paper Co. They include lots of colour, glitter and florals - what's not to love?

3. Price range

Our planners range in price from £18 to £33. If you purchased an £18 planner, that equals 3 cocktails on a night out, and you get to use the planner for 17 months!! (so it's totally justifiable)

4. Glitter and gold

All our planners feature gold accents or glitter on the front covers - and I can promise you they are all BEAUTIFUL!! 

5. Week to view

Our planners are all week to view - meaning Monday-Wednesday is on the left hand page, and Thursday-Sunday is on the right hand side. There is loads of space to write down all your to-do's and plans. 


Each planner has 3 STICKER pages!! And I don't know about you, but I have always been OBSESSED with stickers. So it's a win win for everyone! 

7. Start on Monday 29th July 

Planners start on Monday 29th July - which means it's only a few days until you can start jotting down and planning in your new 2020 planner.


Happy Planning guys, and I hope you love the new planners as much as I do. You can shop all our planners here

Louise x

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